When a guy can't plan a date a day before, does it mean he can't organize his time or I am not a priority?

This guy likes me and treats me well, and we spend good time with each othet.

But I noticed he can't tell me for sure when he is meeting me.

For example, he says let's meet on the weekend. When the weeked comes he keeps in touch but he doesn't give me a certain period of time. He says I have to do this and this then let's meet. I was upset last time because I was waiting for hours, and I told him if he is not certain he can see me let's not meet.

I don't need him to schedule dates like meetings, but I never know how long it gonna take him to finish his things.

Does this mean he is just busy or he I am not a priority in his life?


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  • If someone is really important in your life you'll find the time for them, even if you are busy, and vice versa.

  • Sometimes it's neither. I personally hate making decisions that involve other just incase they don't like it XD


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  • hmmm, that's tough. I know I'm very busy and my schedule can change, so if I'm making plans to meet someone I can't make them a week in advance, I have to wait until it's a few days before. But still, even if I'm just setting up the date the day before, I'll make a set time.
    I guess the question is what is he doing that he's not sure if he's free or how long it will take? And if it's just a matter of "I have to pay the bills and do housework, then I can meet you" then why can't he do that stuff during the week. Or why can't he plan to meet you at noon, do work before, stop to meet you, and then finish his work after? Try to find out what he's doing that's making him so busy and so unsure of his schedule.

    • Yes it's tough.

      Like he does stuff for his house, has extra free work, but sometimes he meets his friends. Like I can can think of him all day then he says he is here or there and we will meet if he finishes. This thing happened once so far- but it made me feel unimportant.