Guys, Does my guy "friend" like me?

We often hang out one on one. He holds open doors, occasionally pays for my meals (nothing that expensive). At a recent party he kept staring at me from across the room and he kept approaching me to make conversation. But I AM his friend, so is this just kind friendly behavior, or does he like me as more than a friend? Yes, I like him. However, we've obviously hung out alone together, so he could've made a move but hasn't! Yes, he is occasionally shy though... Honest opinions please! Is he just a gentleman, or is there a good shot that he actually likes me?


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  • It sounds like he could. Personally I do all that shit for my friends, besides pay for their meals (I pretty much only do that for dates or birthdays or some shit). Are you guys very physically affectionate? Like hugs or cuddles and shit like that? You could try testing the water next time you hang out by watching a movie and maybe leaning on him, or resting your head on his shoulder. You could also put your hand really close to his, see if he grabs it. If he does, then there might be something there!!

    • You are spot on. I tried your advice with the movie, and he grabbed my hand and held it for the whole movie, so I'm guessing he does like me after all! Thanks for the advice!

    • Fuck yeah! Good luck!!