Awks situation with girl I'm talking to! Help?

About a month ago I started talking to this girl, who is one of my best friends girlfriend's best friend. Which is how we met. We texted every day and enjoyed talking to one another. Then there were multiple occasions where I'd ask her to hang out and shed either change the topic, say she was busy, or ignored it completely. So the last time we were talking and I asked her, she didn't respond for a few days. Now about 3 days later she messages me asking how I've been. I still haven't responded, I don't know if I will, I don't like playing games. The issue is within the past couple of days I found one of her friends she keeps talking about on FB, turns out her friend is really cute, even more attractive to me than she is. She is gorgeous! I'd like to give her friend a shot, but don't know how to do it without offending her. Any suggestions?


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  • Haha, if you can hop friend to friend like that telling her shouldn't really be a problem because you don't have that much of an issue with her feelings lol


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