What would you say to your daughter if she turned out to be like this?

She was sexist about men all the time. Call all men pigs and assholes. Saying all they want is sex. When she went for those types of guys to start with. She treated men like shit and was a total bitch to them and always used the victim card and then turned around and blamed men for the reason she was single.


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  • Hmmm. I think I would tell her the same thing that I would tell you. Learn to respect yourself, be careful of whom you choose to trust. It's impossible to avoid getting hurt your life- people will disappoint you. However, you can use your intelligence and common sense to minimize that disappointment.

    • Would you tell her that it is her attitude towards men is the reason men don't like her? and that as long as she has that attitude men will stay away from her because they see her as trouble.

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    • I see your point. I do think it is a bit odd and extremely rude to insult someone for just being nice and saying hi.

    • It is especially when you have been introduced to them. I guess you don't experience just how bad this is and how much us guys get treated like this by girls because you are not a guy. Just like guys would not experience some of the things girls go through but trust me some girls do some very nasty things, things that are just strait out not acceptable and can't be put down to they are growing up.

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  • I'd say 'grow up'
    'use your brain and use logic'

    Not all men are the same, but there will always be good ones and bad ones. But if you're going to treat men like pigs, you can expect the same back from them.


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  • cause your daughter was probably whoring around fell in love and than got hurt cause the guy doesn't like her, now she's angry at all guys

    if anything she should study it out women cheat, and lie more than men, talk to her and ask her too tell you the truth

  • Life isn't fair. Do what you gotta do baby.

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