To run or stay?

Met this guy. Pretty cute
Started to like him
But everything with us is sexual. I don't see how it can be anything more thay can lead to romance. Should I stay or run away? And hope something romantic happens


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  • romance can be injected into a relationship at any time by either party and a lack of it should not be reason to run... on less its to buy tickets to his favorite movie or team

  • what happened with self respect? really all sexual? dafuq can you get sexual without knowing someone !! dont you have to date someone , get to know them real good and then have sex? am i wrong or it actually works like that , how do you jump to the sex phase? and just an advice , we want sex and chances are if we can get regualr sex with no strings attache we would do it and look for a better quality girl who will actually get to know us first.


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