Thoughs on lying about location on dating profile to get some experience?

i live in a small town and honestly there is next to no one to date her my age. everyone is allready in a relationship / married or moved away , leaving only a handful of singles. i can't even seem to get any experience with dating around here or like basic first dates even. on though that crossed my mind was to try and get some experience by dating some girls from online but from out of my area , i have a car so driving a couple hours wouldn't be a big deal if there was someone to meet. and even if i just had like 1 date with them that give me some needed experience to succeed with other women. so i wouldn't really be trying to date them long term just get some experience with women that involved more actual dating than what i'm doing now.
but was thinking it might be hard to get them to write back if they knew i lived 2 hours away , and be easier if i just created a profile saying i lived in that city instead? what are your thoughs , i realise i'm in a shitty situation here at moment


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  • Are you planning to move there? It's a bad idea if you're not willing to relocate eventually.

    • not really just trying to get some experience dating , there is many more singles there

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