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Okay, so... I met a girl a few weeks ago (a few days after I left a broken relationship). She works in this clothing store I usually shop at, and this day, she initiated communication with me. Having this happen was miraculous, lol. She kept a beautiufl smile on her face, and she laughed at all of my jokes. For the sake of confidentiality, we'll name her Light Bright. Before I left, I asked for her Facebook name. (Why not ask for her number? - patience). So, I added her on Facebook. I messaged her a few times, but I rarely got a response from her. I began to think that she wasn't really interested in me. So, I disengaged from her and moved on. I began talking to someone else, and that ended in turmoil. It almost seemed like a sign from God even. I was on my way to visit this other woman (nothing like that), but she quickly denied my request to see her, so I visited the mall, without any intentions. I was only there to browse around. Subsequently, I visited the store Light Bright works at, and she was there - so beautiful. I spoke out, "Hey, stranger.". She looked up and smiled. I can remember how her eyes danced in mine. It was memorable. We talked more than our first time. She told me why she didn't respond as much, because she's trying to stay off of social media. So, I received her number. I told her that Batman wanted me to ask for it, lol. [Sidebar: We both have an interest in Batman, which makes her even more awesome.]. She said she was glad to see me, that I made her day better. She went on break, and I departed. I didn't want to seem like a creep. I went home and texted her that night, making sure the number was credible. The conversation began smoothly. There's one thing that happens to me that I hate: I become nervous when I'm talking to someone I admire. When I'm nervous, I tend to say things without thinking. I was focused on making her laugh. I was anxious talking to her. As the conversation initiated.. (I'll continue below..)


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  • Ask her out.


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