She was seeing another guy the whole time, and lied about it. Should I call her out on her BS?

I met her around 5 months ago, we slowly got to know each other and become friends, always talking about how we should hang out. Eventually we did, and from there it progressed to the point that we were practically talking every day, but we didn't get to hang out too much because of our schedules.

She made it clear to me that she was interested in being more than friends (she was the one who said it first), I did the same, flirting was involved. She even told me whenever she'd be hanging out with a guy friend, but always reassured me that they were just hanging out as friends.

All was well until a week ago, when she messages me and breaks it off and says she doesn't think it will work out, in the politest way she could. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and we mutually agreed to remain friends, and we're still talking as if nothing happened.

Fast forward to yesterday, she posts a picture on Facebook of her with another guy, and it's pretty clear from the picture (and some of the comments) that they're more than friends. There's no way she could have met him immediately after she broke things off, they had to have been dating for at least a month or two. He has to be one of the guy friends she was talking about.

I get that she probably wouldn't want to tell me about seeing another guy, but what pisses me off is the fact that she went the extra mile to lie and say they were "only friends". We talked today, but we both avoided this topic completely. There was never a commitment, we never made anything official, but I still feel like I was duped. I really feel like confronting her and calling her out on it, but it won't really solve anything and I don't see much point talking about it unless she brings it up first.

Advice? Thoughts? Any help is appreciated, thanks!


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  • The fact that you seem more concerned with the fact she lied, as opposed to the fact she's seeing another guy, suggests you were never high on dating her. Thus I advise you to simply drop it like it's hot, my friend. Let it go.

    She's made her selection. And technically speaking, she did nothing wrong. As she shouldn't be held accountable for implicit expectations.

    If you trust her, remain friends with her. If not... move on.

    • I was quite high on dating her. And you're right, technically she didn't do anything wrong, I just thought she was different

  • Just shave her head and move on.

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