Does he like me or not? I'm so confused?

I met him at a volunteering program the last day at at the closing of the event and we talked a lotday just the two of us. The next day he talked to me on Facebook and we we're talking from 22:30 to 4:30 about different stuff. Then after one day he again talked to me and we chatted from the afternoon until 2:50 because he had early classes the next day. Today is the next day and there was this reunion of our group of volunteers that he invited me on Facebook event. We all went for food and he came after me and sat somewhere and when he saw me we said hello and asked if the seat next to me was taken and if he could sit next to me. I said yes. We talked and I also talked with others too and later although things were going great, I was talking to someone and he met some girls and talked with this one girl for quite some time. Later he asked me if I wanted to go outside for a walk and I said yes and we did but nothing happened, he was also quite sick, coughing and such. So back inside and again he w a s taking with her again. The some of us went to a bar and I was talking with them both. Then they were more far away, I told him I was going outside and I went back in and they we're talking again, then I went back out for a while to call a friend to pick me up and while I we as going back in he was going out to get fresh air. I went in said bye and went out to leave and saw him and told him I was leaving and kissed on the cheeks for bye and then talked some more and I said now I'm leaving and he got up from the chair he was sitting on and we again kissed on the cheeks and his hand was on my back and squeezed me towards him. And I left. I wanted to kiss his lips so much but he was sick so it would be awkward


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  • "Does he like me or not? " His actions seems to suggest he does.

    In regards to other girl: Considering the fact he didn't attempt to hide his interactions with her from you and his interactions with you from her (especially the kisses), it seems, to me, it's not that serious. Don't allow it to deter you.


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  • he might want to kiss u too but he is sick don't want to make u feel awkward. He likes u sure specially u both met in such a beautiful way.

    • What about the girl? They were talking quite much... were do you think it means that he liked her more?

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    • Edit: He put u on his mind**

    • another reason could be is he don't want to make u feel worry about chasing u, so he bring up that girl , it's also another game of attracting u