Question for German people or people who Know about German Rules, is my online German friend making things up?

I am from the US, so I met this girl from germany online at omegle and we kept in touch and she is coming to the US in 2017, she told me that she likes me and wants to date me but that even if she did come to the US she would not be allowed to because the organization she is using to come to the US would not allow her to date me and that she can't travel alone because she does not have the right to stay and work in the USA so she has to drive with an organization who is getting her a visa and a host family and that her guest parent will tell this organization and it would get her in trouble

So like is this cull crap? I never heard of a organization that prevents people from dating?

She claims that she really likes me and that she wants to date me but like when I said i will go to Germany so I can meet her she said she does not want me to because she does not want me to spend money I don't have. She also said that she does not want to feel like I am changing my life for her and that I could probably find someone better and be happier. But she also text me all the time, every day, and she's always the 1st to text me. She claims that she cares about me and expresses how unfair it is that we live far away from eachother.

so yeah is she bull crapping me, she seems like a sweet girl and very innoncet, we even Skype quite often.


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  • Yeah that's basically be from all ends she probably has a boyfriend in Germany


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  • How old is she?
    I know of exchange programs with Germany that discourage (not prohibit) dating while in the USA. Their visa prohibits working here (except for babysitting and the like) and they may not travel alone. I don't think she's serving up bull$heite.