Why do people say getting back together it won't be the same?


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  • Because at some point, things just didn't work out which is why the break up happened in the first place. One or both partners gave up trying to work through the problems of the relationship and thought it was best to just end things. There's always that fear that it could happen again.

  • Usually whatever the cause for y'all to break up will still be there because you're going back to the same person. Most like you will repeat what you been through the first time.

  • It never is. Sadly.

    I live by the: Rebuild better and stronger than ever before view though. So in the few cases I've gone back, we've always made it better than it used to be.
    You can't get the past back though. Those exact feelings? They're gone. That isn't necessarily bad, but they are. You'll have to discover each other anew and fall for each other anew. That's the way it goes.
    It is doable though. Very tricky if someone truly hurt the other one though.

    • Well said! Why the anonymous profile behind an intelligent answer?

    • @PurpleTeardrops Simply more comfortable with being anonymous. Appreciating the positive response though.

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