This is a very sad situation to be in, can u Please help me?

Decades sho, Steve was my first crush, we were in 4th grade. We were good friends until 8th grade and then our families moved and I never saw him again. But I did think of him a lot over the years - he was just very special to me for many reasons. Fast forward to us now, in our 30s, we reconnected via FB. We ended up doing a LDR for about 7 months and we were both very much in love. I finally got him. But we broke up because the distance was too much and neither of us could quit our high paying jobs with our companies that we have been working for nearly a decade each. We were both heartbroken but it was mutual. That was 14 months ago. I mourned for 2 months straight, and then I met someone that I liked and he got my mind off Steve. This guy has been my boyfriend for a year now and we just moved in together. He moved 3 hours away to be with me here. And then bam. Steve and I decided to not be in touch after the BU because we both needed to heal. We even blocked eachotger on FB. But wouldn't you know, soon after my boyfriend moved in, Steve called to say he is moving to my city. His company opened up another company here and he jumped on the opportunity. I told him I was now living with someone and he has now blocked me from his phone. I'm miserable. I really love Steve, but now I've really lost him. But I also love my new boyfriend, but I love Steve more in my heart. I can't hurt my new guy. Ahh. I don't know what to do!!!


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  • What concerns me is neither of you were willing to sacrifice something for love. You both chose jobs over being together. It isn't meant to be

    • We wanted to, but we both have mortgages, aging parents near us, job security, etc. it's not easy to pack up and leave.

    • I disagree. If I were truly in love I'd sacrifice everything I had to be together

  • You have a live in boyfriend, and his name appears here zero times. Steve is all over. It isn't fair to your current, presumably good, man.

    The facts are clear, Steve made a hasty decision that he shouldn't have made.
    Two if you include blocking a woman he supposedly loves from his phone.
    You have a new man you have told you'd be investing in, not Steve.
    You and Steve, could have had something 2 years ago, but the timing was wrong.
    It's 2 years later, and you're with another guy, who's name we don't know cause Steve.

    It sounds like you've got a man you like, but he can't be a 4th grade crush.
    Your man deserves your undivided attention, and if you can't invest in him you have to break it off.

    In the end it doesn't matter what the facts are, the heart wants what the heart wants. Just don't keep cheating on John Doe. And don't lie to yourself, you get in a relationship that's a committed and you invest in another man, not even intercourse, it's cheating.


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