Do women find it unattractive if a guy doesn't go out to parties, clubs, or bars?

I am very curious. I met up with this girl a few months ago and I thought the date went great actually. I felt like her and I found a connection, but she was more outgoing than I was. She was into drinking, dancing, and clubbing. I don't do any of those things, in fact I find those kind of activities to be very boring. However, I would be willing to compromise and break out of my shell and try something new.


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  • I think it just takes a certain level of maturity to get over the party scene. Most 23 year old girls are all about being out and social. I am glad that my partner doesn't like going clubbing or bar hopping. We had our fun when we were younger, and now we are enjoying raising our children and not making grandma be the weekend babysitter.

    • Thank you! Since you mentioned maturity it's starting to make a lot more sense. What's kind of funny in a way though, I have a friend who is 25 and is married and he often tells me that the "nightlife" is starting to take a toll on him now. I really do believe in constantly pursuing your partner but I think there is more fun activities than the nightlife. Thank you again!

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  • I feel you bro. I don't really party or go to clubs or bars either, but there are some girls who are alright with it and some who aren't. Just depends. Yeah some are going to think you're boring and don't know how to have fun. Some will accept the challenge (if there is one) and try to get you to "break out of your shell". Some will just figure that there's no need bothering you when they can find someone who does "fun" things. Then again there are some who do those things and so long you're fine with them doing those things they are fine with you not doing those things.

    Opposites sometimes really do attract.

    • Thanks for MH

    • No problem. Thank you, actually! I now have a a more clear understanding. Funny you say opposites really do attract. This may be off topic I told her straight up that I am an introvert and I don't go out and she started telling me that she is "starting" to become an introvert. In a way, it made me laugh.

    • Oh okay lol.

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  • I don't find it unattractive. Tbh I like it. I'm more often the outgoing one in my relationships.

    I like a guy that's chill but can still keep up with my madness

  • I actually prefer it...


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