Honesty about food you don't like?

So you are at your partners parents house and they put dinner on, you don't really like the food but you say its nice, they then say thats great and they will make it every time you come over. Not the exact same food but a small varity and you don't like any of them. What would you do?

  • Tell them straight up you don't like it
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  • Tell them you want something different each time
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  • Keep eating the food everytime to keep them happy
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  • other
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  • I would tell them straight up I don't like it (because I'm a vegetarian).


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  • Honesty is key 👌🏻✊🏼


What Guys Said 1

  • I'd put on a jocular tone of voice and say I don't like it THAT much! Charm my way out of the situation.

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