Two people approach you for your number?

You are at the mall (and single) and an ugly girl or guy comes up to you and has a good personality and eventually asks for your number for a date. What would you do? If you do reject them and say you are only friends consider the next question.
The ugly peson is still close by when an attractive person of your type approaches and starts a convo and after a while asks for your number, the ugly person is near by and is watching you guys. What would you do?

The ugly person is overweight, has pimples and glasses.
The attractive person is the right body type for you, nice hair and pretty face.
Both girls have the personality you are after in someone.

  • Get the persons number but never contact either of them
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  • Take the ugly persons number intending to go on a date
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  • Reject the ugly person but get the attractive persons number
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  • Reject the attractive person only to not make your self look bad to the ugly person
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  • Take neither of their numbers
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  • other
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  • Sorry I don't like the first girl attractively, and now what I'm suppose to deny another girl because she still there, that's her fault if she is hurt by that, why was she even in the area still. And if it ain't her fault, I can just ignore her. I would feel bad, but not bad enough to not get the second girls numbers

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