Boyfriend help?

Hi I sort of have a problem...
So I'm 15 and I've never had a boyfriend or been kissed. I honestly feel like nobody has ever even liked me before. To many people older than me this may seem like a stupid thing to worry about, but it's really important to me. I'm in 10th grade now and I feel so left out like there's something wrong with me or something :/
I don't know if I'm really ugly or my personality is terrible, but it must be one of those two things at least..
I just need some advice on this situation, thank you :)


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  • At least you dont have to deal with rejection as guys do. But if you want a relationship, a party isn't the best place because 90% of those guys will one night stand you. Honestly its just meeting a guy who likes you. Being single really sucks which i am, i know. If your at least not ugly, I garuntee there are guys who are too scared to tell you. If you want to not wait though, you could always try to talk to your friends and see if they know single guys who would date you, it can be that simple. Dont overthink things. Good luck to you, your beautiful.

    • Thank you so much for your answer

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    • Oh, it didn't work out. She was talking to another guy before and dumped me off when she made up with him. But whatever. Her loss right. And thanks.

    • Oh okay, then good luck to you in the future

  • Do you ever go to parties or anything


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  • No, hon you're not ugly don't let anyone tell you that you are either! Try polishing your looks, watch out, guys notice those little changes.

    Lots of girls get "noticed" by guys at 15 or 16, I know I saw a lot of my friends get their first boyfriends during our Sophomore year.

    You'll need to do things that get you noticed, like "wow, she sure has changed!" Makeup, new haircut, dressing different, being your real self, doing things that other guys and girls are doing together, watch the school sports events, maybe even get involved in school clubs, (my guy was a wrestler, so I joined the "mat maids" we all sat together and cheered our guys on. It was fun, lots of girls ended up with guys!). Just really get involved in high school activities, have fun! When you have a good time others notice you.

    Take a chance, ask a guy that you like out! He's just as afraid as you are!! Talk to guys, they don't bite unless you want them to!!

    Don't worry you'll get noticed!