Should I tell him?

I really like this guy and I flirt a lot... I can't really tell if he is flirting back and I think that if I tell him I like him he will just laugh at me and go and tell all of his friends? Then they will make fun of me. Just whatever , I don't really want to get hurt by him because we have dated before but I'm really short and small and not many people like me and his friends hate me!


Please answer when you view.. I really need help!
But he is not a jerk.. He's sweet? we have only dated one time and then we broke up and the horrible thing is .. I have a boyfriend and starting liking another guy on valentines day!


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  • First of all, any kind of guy you would want to date would never(and I mean NEVER) make fun of you for sharing how you feel with them. The ones who do (almost without fail, in my experience) are ones you're better off without bothering with.

    The next thing I notice in your question is that you've mentioned that the two of you have a 'history'. I haven't had a lot of personal experience, but I've had quite a few friends of mine get hurt because they get with someone, take a break, go back again, and so forth. In the end though they seem to get hurt and it is something I personally try to avoid. Also, keep in mind that there was a reason it didn't work out the first time around. Don't change yourself for a guy; they'll realize just how special you are exactly how you are. The guys who will take care of you won't care how tall/short/skinny/whatever you are. When they look at you, they'll see a perfect little angel.

    And finally, I believe we are defined by the people we hang around with. If a guy hangs around with a bunch of jerks, odds are he is a jerk as well. And you don't want to be with a jerk, because he won't appreciate just how special you are(and make no mistake; you are extremely special).

    I would hold off on telling him for the moment until you know in your heart that this is what you want, and that he'll be able to respect you.

    Another way to think about this, if you do tell him your feelings and he tells his friends, you know he's not worth your trouble. You know he is a jerk and doesn't appreciate you or your feelings. From there, I think you'll see who your friends are and maybe a guy who's been too shy to tell you how he's felt will help you out.


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