What does he want?

Ok so recently I become friend with this guy and he told me he's girl dumped him 2 weeks ago
He wanted my number I gave it to him coz where friends. Then the following Thursday he ended up texting me, he asked if I want to chill and I thought he ment after work just sit at the back so I said yeah sure, after I said yes he told me he's talking me to a look out and I was a bit sus of it but said yeah ok I've never been. We had heaps of fun it was good. He then kissed me I stopped him he was embarrassed so I started convo again he got into it and but kissed me again and I asked why he said I'm sorry but then adds I'm not looking for a relationship, so I don't understand why he took me up to this view and kissed me I knew he was trying to get something but I wouldn't let him. And after I said no he took me home, hugged me then texted me in the morning saying I can't stop thinking about you, he told his work mates about me, he's friends too he added me on face book and wants to chill all the time. I don't get it am I still his friend too him
Or does he want me as a rebound
or im not sure

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What Guys Said 1

  • Well I can definitely say he doesn't see you as just a friend. But whether he just wants a rebound or something more is hard to say. Sometimes we think we want something more but really we just want to find someone to make us forget the break up.


What Girls Said 1

  • You're his rebound.