Counseling.. make it better or worse?

So actual input would be nice. None of that dump his ass bullshit. That does nobody any good. With that being said he's part of the story. My husband keeps cheating on me. However it's not physically, it's through texting other girls who know he is married. Sending him pictures some nude. And contacting him constantly he said it's done and he quit doing it he was just having a hard time because I've been pushing him away not purposely.. I am currently going through some serious ptsd and depression. I've been going to counseling and the doctors to get help, all that jazz. No I'm not going to kill myself or threaten him if he doesn't stop. I'm not that kind of person. However he's still remaining contact and I know checking his phone is wrong.. I honestly was just trying to send a picture to myself from his phone which should be harmless but obviously wasn't.. he knows I don't believe in divorce.. however I'm lost on how to deal with this. Counseling is an option but sometimes that can make things worse. Couples make it through this and it this point I still want to be one of them.. help?


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  • So, he's still lying to you. You should ask him point blank what does he want? What are these women offering him, and what can you do to help stop it? Otherwise, I don't see why he would stop.

    • I have in a round about way but not point blank. Lately I haven't given him my all.. I just have been trying to get better. In marriage I thought you're supposed to be there for each other and work through things. But he seems to be abandoning me and either blames it on his ptsd or me not giving him enough. I've been doing so much better but he doesn't notice and everytime he does something like this it only pushes me back from getting better... but I agree with you

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    • If you don't use the counseling, then you're going to have to live with his bad behavior.

    • Counseling it is.. thank you for the advice.

  • Yes I would explore every avenue to resolve this but remember he has to want you as much as you want him.


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  • Youu should work on you first before working on the marriage. That's the only way things would get better for you both. What is bothering you to where you're depressed and can't feel happy within yourself because if you're not happy with yourself there's no way you could make him happy.