How do I end things with a psychopath?

So I met this guy around a month ago online, we instantly clicked, I was emotionally and physically drawn to this man and he was the first to admit that he felt an "instant connection" with me that he hadn't felt in a while. From that point he showered me with attention daily texts and calls for hours telling me how beautiful I am etc. So after 3 weeks of talking we finally met up and after talking for hours, we had sex. During sex he said numerous times that he wanted me to have his babies, which I did think was abit strange but I overlooked it. The next day he stayed for the whole day kissing me non stop, telling me how great I was and how he wants to keep getting to know me, of course I was ecstatic. Everyday without fail he calls and texts but I just thought he just really liked me and it's been a while since I've had attention like this, he then asked me to spend New Years with him, it was amazing, again went back to his and during sex he again said he wanted me to have his babies. I overheard him talking to his friend on the phone and he said he was with his girlfriend which was news to me but I guess I was happy he liked me enough to even say it. A few days later he came round to my house and he said he likes everything about me and wants me to be his girlfriend, he sees himself having children with me and he wants to build a life together, he always comments on how he feels I'm holding back and he's not the typical guy that would leave me etc. I expressed that my feelings are mutual but a month is not enough time to really know someone but he pressured me by saying when you know you just know. He often comments on how he thinks I'm not that confident because when he calls me beautiful I don't seem phased, but sometimes I question how genuine he is, especially because things are moving so quickly.. He lied to me about going to prison but said he didn't want to put me off, I rarely initiate contact but the one time I did (before we met up) he didn't respo

Half of what I've written has been cut off for some reason, will have to repost again in a shorter way


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  • Just tell him you don't want to be together and completely end it. Block him everywhere and be done.

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