How can my boyfriend love me? I don't understand it?

We've been together almost 18 months and we live together, but I'm still insecure about why he loves me.
I'm 21, with bad skin, chubby (5'2 and like 135lb), flabby, have cellulite, plain face and broken wonky nose. I'm broke, a student, and suffer with anxiety which leaves me too afraid to go to supermarkets or even get out of bed some days. Since we met I've put on like 20lb and I look disgusting. He must notice, because he hardly has sex with me anymore.
He on the other hand is 30, 6'5, slim, dark hair, neat beard, absolutely gorgeous with amazing piercing blue eyes. He's had numerous relationships and lots of affairs with beautiful women but he insists he wants to settle down with me, and tells me to shut up when I'm being insecure. But I just don't get it.
Even friends have commented that he's gorgeous and I've done really well landing him, code for he's way out of my league.
Girls or guys, why is he dating down like this?


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  • He obviously sees something in you that he didn't find with the other girls.


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  • It doesn't matter why he loves you. You need to stop or there's a huge risk you'll eventually make him leave you because he's too tired hear about all those insecurities over and over.