Do you ever just know right away the person you met is going to be significant?

I have been meeting guys and I get a red light in my head. I get a feeling "abandon ship" they may seem like great people why would I date anything less right? But I can tell they aren't the one. I keep thinking the one I meet will fit in to my life so I live my life and just try to trust God has a plan for me. Well I know this is absolutely crazy but this guy keeps seeming familiar. And one day at the club I hang out at after work with my friends for dancing this guy tugs on my work badge and he is the cute guy I sometimes see in the break room and he is also friends with all my friends out dancing and all my favorite coworkers. And he teaches scuba at the ymca where I swim! And he understands how u do the stair master do long cause he is a runner. And he old fashioned dates me. We hang out and just talk. I was wondering if that even existed anyone's. We talk all day into the night through chat! And he loves animals and his yard like I do! And he is a creative genius and I need help creating some ideas. And we both do our own brand of comedy. And have one son each. I just can't help but feel like this is the one and we only have dated this week but have known wacky her at work in passing but there was a vibe. And we had seen each other. But it is so cool he is part of all my major circles in my life. All my friends. And he showed up at work to hang out with me there we were both off. I went in for a coworker's birthday. And to schedule my OT. And he let me introduce him to my coworker friends. Even the bosses. He is friends with the bosses. He created our database I use every day and he made the part I look forward to each day my employee stats. They are the reason I get bonuses cause I see them and know I can push myself harder to grow. And he made the Over Time -days off scheduler that I love to use! What's more I told him this may be weird to tell you but I always hoped to find someone that just matched up so naturally so effortlessly. And here I met you and he didn't care I said that. Most would be scared

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I am thinking I was wrong after all. He has been there for many years and I have only been there 5 months. He was a huge part of out Fortune 500 company and he got laid off for budget cuts. We knew it was coming and we were talking about at least we met each other before it happened. Next thing he tells me he had his meeting and he was right. And I have been trying to be there for him and he was ok but day two he is pushing me away.


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  • When someone forms so many strong impressions so quickly, it usually means that they have a mental image of what they want a partner to be and they are hoping that this other person will fit that image.


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  • No I can't judge on people's looks or first impressions... I need to get to know the person, take it nice and slow

  • I've never seen "And" capitalized so many times.

  • Stop! When the red light flashes


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  • Take it slow for right now. He may have strong feelings for you, but there is a possibility that he doesn't quite yet. This doesn't mean that he won't ever, but jumping into things might scare him away. I think you should continue to go on dates and get to know him a little more. He may very well be the one, but you should still take caution.

  • I don't have any advice but I totally understand how you feel. There is this guy that my brother pointed out by telling my dad that I liked him. Now his mom and my dad want us to meet. I saw some other pictures of him and I keep realizing that I have seen him before and he looks super familiar. I saw him at church yesterday and was just thinking about how very familiar he looks. I have actually been at the same parties he was at but didn't even know it which was weird. What I can say is that I think uou should take things slow because I had thought some guy was the one and I started feeling depressed because nothing was happening but then I realized that he was not the one God had for me.

  • I don't think it's wise to rush into anything. But let this play itself out.

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