Girl flaked on first date - Should I leave it up to her to reschedule?

About 3 weeks ago I got this girls number off Tinder and set up a date. Because the university term had just ended everybody was going home for Christmas holidays so we agreed it would have to be in the new year when we return which was a long 3 weeks away.

Being that the date was set a few weeks in advance I made an effort to keep in contact every now and then just to make sure I was still on her radar and she didn't forget me. (nothing too major as I prefer to leave the get to know each other stuff for the date itself)

We sent some flirty texts back and forth when we first started talking and she was very receptive, flirting back and whatnot and the response times were pretty much instant so I felt she was into me.
After that I cut the texting down a bit to messaging her every 5 days or so just simple messages wishing her merry Christmas on Christmas eve and then Happy New Year on New Years eve.

When the time finally came when everybody was about to return back to unviersity I hit her up again asking if she was still interested in getting together for a drink and she responded enthusiastically saying "yeah definitely". I set a time and place which she agreed and I left it at that.

She messaged me the day prior asking whether we were still on for the date the following day and I said yes.

Whoa and behold the day of action finally arrives after all this time. I wake up nauseas from nerves, I go out and freshen myself up with a new haircut only to receive a message 1.5 hours before we were due to meet asking if we could postpone the date because she woke up with a big headache and is not feeling well. What a strange coincidence I think after all this time, but I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt in this instance as these things can happen I guess.

However, she didn't specify an alternative date to postpone it to and I simply replied saying it's not a problem and hope she gets better. It's been 2 days and I haven't heard from her yet.

What's your take on this?


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  • Her nerves got the best of her. This has happened to me before too. I gues give her a second chance. This happened to me before in a similar way. He wished me merry Christmas and said that he would be busy for the next weeks. Our date was scheduled for some time after New Years.

    After Christmas I didn't hear from him anymore. He text me like 3 months later saying he was too embarassed to tell me his phone would be cut off until he got a job. It sounded true, but I was like fuck that. He couldve called me from someone elses phone within 3 months if that was the case. So i deleted his number instead of replyin to that 3month late lame ass excuse


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