Fell in love with my "friend with benefit", what to do?

So, we were having a casual thing (only sex) but i have started to develop feeling for the guy because we were texting each other every day and i got to know him very well. So i told him that being in a casual relationship is not for me. He said he respects my desicion and asked if we can be just friends (why would he want that?) i said no. The he messaged me once and i have never replied. Now I miss him (been 2 weeks since we texted last time). I don't know what to do, any advice?


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  • Tell him what you're feeling. But keep in mind it may end your arrangement or put some strains on it if he doesn't feel the same.

    • Well i told him that i don't want a casual thing. So he asked me to be just friends. So i just said no and cut him out :( but i miss him now

    • The best you could do is move on then unfortunately :/