Do I have trust issues?

My girlfriend went out with her best friend and her friends to a bar. I asked her where and who she was going with just so I knew and I asked her to text me when she got home no matter what time it was so i knew she got home okay which she did.

I gotta be honest I tossed all night worrying about her, like what if a guy hits on her and she's been drinking how much willpower does she have to resist, just stupid stuff. I was playing out scenarios in my head where she cheated and how i would react i feel dumb for even thinking like that.

Her best friend is single and a bit of a drinker so I was a bit worried about peer pressure. I also know my girlfriend does get a little flirty when she's had some alcohol in her system.

our relationship is still fairly new, we have known each other for about 6 months and have been together for about 4. I just want to be able to chill out when she wants to spend time with her friends.


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  • That's not trust issues. You said she gets flirty so I think it's reasonable that you would worry. Has something happened during the short time you guys have been together? I would say watch out for it but don't let yourself worry too much unless it does become a problem. Maybe she'll be more in control now that she is with you.

  • Seriously LEAVE HER i saw a lot of girls like that throughout my years like this one. She is a slut.


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