So this means she only thinks of me as a friend, right?

Me: But yeah it sucks for me having to go so far but what can you do. Good luck in college and your future endeavours :p

Her: It's not like we're never gonna Eachother again lol

Me: I think it's best if we don't. It's just that your such an amazing girl and I couldnt be just friends with you

Her: Yeah I know what you mean but you have to start as friends

Me: I don't normally invest my time with people I don't like, for the longest time I've just wanted to know where I stand with you

Her: Yeah I know what you mean I dunno o consider us friends and stuff it's just been w stressful semester

This basically means im just and only will be a friend to her, right? If so time to cut her off. Its going to hurt but not as much as continuing only being a friend to her.


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  • Pretty much, yeah. I like how you make it clear it's all or nothing, you're refusing to be friendzoned, I like that. You have the makings of a good player. Move on, seek puss elsewhere. :)