Why does he act like he likes me?

I don't really like my ex like as in more than a friend, but lately I have just been confused.

He he claims he doesn't like me, but he acts like he does. I liked him about maybe 5 weeks ago, but I told him I did and he said that he feels me as more of a friend. But he flirts with me so I am confused, and he treats me better than his other friends that are girls. He playfully teases me, & stares at me A LOT he doesn't do that to any of his other friends that are girls.

And he rated me a 10, and he compliments me sometimes. And he asked me to try on his glasses for some reason, and well I did. And he said that I looked pretty good in his glasses, & that I looked better in them than he does.

And we are best friends, so we are extremely close. But even before we became close he still treated me better than other girls.

Anyways recently I asked him why he would date me not too long ago, but now he won't. We have dated twice, & well I asked him and he said "I don't know." He claims he likes me as a friend but why does he act like he does? I mean I understand him when he says that, but I still feel like he has feelings for me to some extent, according to the way he acts. What do you think?

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  • He's too confusing to be bothering with just move on


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