When a guy holds your gaze?

Like, you look into his eyes, and he looks back at yours for more than handful seconds? Like we both looked up at the same time and stared at each other for 4 to 5 seconds without breaking eye contact. Then i gave him a discreet smile and he gave me the same smile back? We've seen each other on other occassions since he works at one of my favorite restaurants and im interested and think he might be interested back. He even did a double take when i first got there as well. Thanks in advance.

He isn't or wasn't my waiter.


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  • When a guy holds your gaze it's unlikely that he will make a move based solely on your gaze. However, guys may make a move if they hold your gaze if they are in the proper context (bar, house party, etc.). A gaze simply isn't enough evidence to conclude that a girl is into you unless it's accompanied by the proper context.

  • Just be careful, he's still an employee, just doing his job, girls would tell guys the same thing "she might just be doing her job"


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