Cousins boyfriend being mentally abusive?

So my cousin has been going out with her boyfriend for 8 months or so now. 2 months into their relationship he said he wanted to be single but they somehow managed to stay together. Since then he has dumped her and took her back countless times. He even dumped her a week before her birthday but they made up and he ended it again three days later. Clearly both as stupid as each other. The first problem was that he didn't want her getting a job in the nightclub that he is a bouncer in because he claimed to not like couples who work together. He would make fun of her spelling mistakes even though she has slight dyslexia and god knows what else. They had been living together for a couple of months and recently she had to move out because they were fighting everyday but she's told me that they're talking and both want it to work out. She had also mentioned that she suffers from anxiety and paranoia which she has never mentioned before. My family have tried talking to her about how he is treating her but she refuses to listen. My auntie wanted to talk to her boyfriend but my cousin threatened if she did it then she would never forgive or speak to her again. We hope that she will eventually realise and leave him. But has anyone ever experienced this before and is there any advice? I normally wouldn't get involved but I feel it has gone on far too long now.


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  • I honestly don't know what to say I'm this situation. I would just keep at trying to change her mind, if she continues to be stubborn then the consequences will show one day and maybe she will understand.