Two dates, takes forever to text, is he into me?

So I went on two dates with this guy. They both went pretty well (I think; on the second date, he got a little handsy and I told him sex isn't on the table at the moment). He finished off with "I'll see you soon" and he texted me the day after. Even before the first date, he was horrible at texting and I jokingly mentioned it on the second date (we were mentioning what we found attractive of the other person so far), he said "you needsomeone to text you constantly?" and I replied "no, but I also don't appreciate someone taking over one day to contact me back." So it's been two weeks since that date, havent' seen him since, and his communication remained at baseline (one text a day, usually before work, with the odd day in between of nothing). I know he has a busy schedule with work/life, but so do I and I usually find time to respond to the guys I'm talking to. It's been about two days now since I heard from him. Should I just assume he's not that into me?


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  • He got handsy on the second date? He already made a move on you? Haha. I would keep my options open, he may be dating more than one girl at a time. Or just may be a lousy texter I really do not know.