He chose another woman?

I was depressed, not so many friends, was angry all the time, instead of helping me he went to another woman and chose the uglier woman over me. Why? I was not so much fun at that time and he decided to leave, he really lost something and he didn't even tell me had a girlfriend when I begged him to come see, he ignores me and told me I was lazy and unstable. I feel really hurt. How can I get over this? at this moment I dont have much going on in my life and I keep thinking about it and ON TOP of that I was a virgin.


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  • Hey sweet one, get a guy worthy of you. (:
    Why even bother to grief over this guy, if he didn't put u as his priority, I don't see why u should. This is a blessing for you, you now see his true colours and its good you're not in a r/s with a guy like him.


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