Guys, could he be lying?

There's this guy who I've been dating. I've known him for almost 2 years. We were sort of friends and then we became more recently. We were supposed to go out tonight but then I recieve this from hjm at 3:24pm

HIM: "Hey buttercup I'm under the weather
So I'm laying low tonight
Have fun with whatever you get into"

ME: "Ok, thanks, I hope you feel better...

HIM: "Just feels like somethings coming on"

ME: "I understand, there's def something goin around"

HIM: (he sends me a funny video of these cute animals)

ME: haha that's adorable

Does it sound like he was lying? First would he still call me "buttercup" which is his pet name for me, he calls me that all the time and would he send a cute video to make me laugh? I'm just suspicious bc I've used the "I'm sick" before on other men so I'm paranoid


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  • yes i think so.