Is it normal to feel scared to move on to another guy?

So i like this guy and i have only just come out of a two year relationship. I really like this guy when im with him he makes me laugh and im comfortable around him. But at the same time something holds me back its like i want it but i dont at the same time. Is that because its new and im not used to it?


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  • It can very well be what you say it is, that you are new to this.

    How would you describe the feeling?
    Is it the fear of not knowing what will happen? The fear of being rejected?

    I think that is natural to feel a slight fear to make a move, it can be quite nerve wrecking

    • My feeling is scared but excited at the same time. Like when I'm with him i want to hug him and i like it when he puts his arms around me. But then other times i feel like is this too fast am i doing the right thing. I think its the fear of moving on and making new memories with someone else and i just hope it works out in the long run.

    • It sounds like plain old inexperience to be honest. You say so yourself that you feel excited and scared at the same time. That is because getting more intimate with a guy is quite a big thing, it is only natural that this feels exciting and scary.
      The only thing you need to keep in mind is to do it on your own pace. If something feels uncomfortable or uneasy, be open and honest about that. You do not have to do anything if you dont feel like it yet.

      other than that, this is all perfect fine ^^

    • Thanks heaps helped a lot :)

  • It's exactly that. Try not to make the mistake of assuming your last relationship will be the same as new ones. Some people will go into new relationships right after an old one and act as if they had never left the other one! It's like they're with the same person, but they are *not*! If you like this dude and things are feeling mutual, go for it!

  • It's the unknown that scares you; also, you don't know what negatives this guy has.


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