Am I ok to be angry about this?

I've been going out with this girl for a couple months now, we get along really well and we talk every day, some days more than others. The last couple days she's been very difficult to get in contact with, she still texts me, but it takes hours to respond sometimes, even though I see her on Facebook and opening snapchats. So I know she has her phone.

I asked yesterday if she wanted to do something and she declined because she was too tired, which I was fine with. Today I asked her what she was up to and she said she wasn't really doing anything. We talked for a bit, she said that she still wasn't feeling great. I asked her if she would want to come over tonight, but I haven't gotten any response at all. I am honestly fine with us not doing anything, I really am, I want her to feel better. What I don't like is that I keep seeing her log on facebook and I don't get any sort of response. I understand when you don't feel good, or you feel off, that you don't want to do anything, but I'm sitting here wondering when the next time she's going to respond is.

Do you think I am right to feel angry about this? I haven't said anything to her about it, and I haven't sent any texts after I asked her if she wanted to come over. But don't you think that she should have responded? At least just a yes or a no?

I sent a snapchat about 20 minutes ago and she opened that. And didn't respond to my text that has been there for hours.


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  • hmmm, that is a weird situation. It's possible that she just is feeling sick and doesn't really want to talk to anyone, which is why she's checking facebook but not texting you. But, it's kind of rude to not respond to your invite. She should have just said "sorry I don't feel well and just need some alone time."

    • She's said in the past that if she's not responding it's for a reason, but she told me today that she was doing nothing all day... and I sent a snapchat a little bit ago, she opened that, but has not responded to my text. And now I have a couple texts sitting there from me with no response, and I don't feel like I can/should send anything else until she responds.

    • yeah i don't think you should send anything else. If she doesn't reach out to you, you can message her in a few days and ask if she's feeling better.

  • Sounds weird. I would be mad. But sometimes I don't like texting so I just don't respond.


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