Why Am I Still Attracted To Him, After All That Happened?

So, recently, I had decided to stop seeing this man because he wanted a casual relationship with me, and someone else. I'm not sure if I want the same type of relationship. I have thought about it and I'm open to new things.

I can't help still thinking about him and wanting to talk to him. Yet, I cannot understand why that is.

Any insight? Male advice would be appreciated, as to what I should do. Thank you.


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  • The reason why you are still thinking about him is quite a simple one, you still like him.

    The fact that he wants a different kind of relationship than you is a good and valid reason to not get involved with him. However, this does not magically remove all feelings you may have for him. That is also why you want to talk to him.

    If you want to stand by your decision to not get involved with him (which I suggest you do), you simply have to ignore these feelings for a while. It won't always be easy, but there is sadly not really another way to go about this.

    • My problem is that he lives above my work and has been looking for me... :(

    • Oh that does make things more difficult.

      If he is looking for you, you best bite the bullet and see what it is he wants to talk about. Avoiding him will make him only more invested in finding you. When you do talk to him, that may be the end of it, as he won't come looking for you after.

    • That's the thing. I want to hear him out. I do still have feelings for him. But, I can't stop imagining him with that girl. I just don't want to be a second choice. I just don't know what to do...

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