I have a date but like another guy?

So I have a crush on guy 1 (he seems to show signs but I'm unsure) but guy 2 asked me out on a date recently. I don't know whether to ditch guy 2 and make a move on guy 1 or should I give guy 2 a chance since he was courageous enough to ask me out. Would guys prefer a girl to be honest from the beginning or would they rather have the girl on the date with them? Opinions?


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  • How do you know ou don't Ike him, if you've never gone a date with him, same with the first guy, how do you know you like him, if you've never gone a date with him. That's what dating is, you interact, with the opposite sex (unless you're gay)

    • I've known the first guy longer. The second I just met but I see where you're coming from. And I'm not gay 😊

    • But you get my point, you've never been on a date with either, so, how do you know, ya know? Ya dont

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