Time away from each other is making me anxious?

We live 2 hrs apart & I have been spending a lot of time with him recently but now i'm going to be away for about 2 weeks & can't see him.
He's also been in a bad mood & won't be affectionate towards me by distance (no x's on messages etc.). He says nothing is wrong & that he hates texting because it doesn't convey emotion. But i'm just getting anxious...


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  • It depends on how your relationship has been in the past I guess. Me & boyfriend live about 10 mins drive away from each other BUT because of age and parental issues, we see each other once a month or less.
    It really is different for everyone. Maybe he just wants to spend time with the real you, or the way me & boyfriend text (lots and lots) just doesn't work for him.
    You might also need to consider other factors, like did he always hate texting? Did he always leave x's, or is it just when you're away? Maybe he just doesn't like the fact you're going away.
    I'm not saying you shouldn't go away at all for the sake of him but he needs to know that it's ok.