Asking a girl to get to her better?

So I've ask this girl I've been talking for couple of month out several times. However each time she responds that she will think about it. Recently we were talking like usual but I ask her if she was seeing someone. She responded by saying she was and wasn't. She told me that she sleep with a guy out of heat of the moment. Then she responds by saying that he's not thing to her. So I ask why if I needed to me her parents before taking her out. This was just in case her parents were strict about her dating. She said her parents would ask question and that it was complicated. Later she told me about her pass boyfriend and that her relationship ended because her ex decide to end the relationship because the spark died. The following day I being playful asking her out again. This time she awkwardly saying no. So I asked her that I would like to get to know her and that I did not know what she was going through but I was willing to take it slow. But I would wanted to know if it would be possible because I didn't want to waist her time or my time. I told her that I've enjoyed talking with her and that she didn't need to respond or do anything and I only wanted her to know that. Its been three day with out any responds from her. I'm dying to call her but don't want to come in to needy. What do you guys and gals think I should do.


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  • I think you need to leave her alone and move on. You've done everything you can, you've tried asking her multiple times. She pretty much said no. Do not call anymore. You need to move on otherwise you'll continue thinking of her and not get anywhere. She has your number, she'll be in touch if she wants to talk