Girls, if you meet a pretty shy but good looking guy with terrible acne would you want to date him?

I am a shy guy, and during Freshman and sophomore years of high school I had a lot of interest from girls, unfortunately in junior year for some weird reason I had really terrible acne pop up all over my face and its pretty bad, my dermatologist told me it was worse then about 75% of people. I've tried everything including oral medication but it just doesn't go away. I used to get a lot of interest from girls, but now there is a shocking lack of it. Is acne really that big of a turn off? I am so self conscious about it, and I can't help but feel like women judge me for it, I dont have a stellar personality (well I like my personality but girls apparently dont because they can't look past my acne at my personality), so I always depended on my looks to get me places with women. If you meet an attractive guy (like an 8/10) with bad acne would the acne turn you off from his otherwise good looks?


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  • You're basically asking the girls on this website if they're shallow or not, I bet very few of them would be willing to admit it would put them off, and by that I mean admit that to themselves as well. Let your experience in real life guide you, you know a lot of them won't be able to see past that, they'll be a waste of time anyway. You're not totally fucked though, you should be able to find a girlfriend and when you do- you'll know she's foreal!

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