Did I Do Something Wrong? What should I Be Thinking? Was this even a date?

I went out to balzac's with a guy i know earlier in the week. We drank coffee and the conversation was was flowing constantly throughout the night. We headed back to my house after an hour or so where he was going to drop me off. After he pulled into my driveway i thanked him for a fun night and began to open the door when he said "hey wait a sec, come here" and he pulled me into what i thought was a hug. after a decently long hug he grabbed my face and started kissing me. Within 2 seconds his tongue was trying to make its way into my mouth and i felt uncomfortable so i pulled away and said without thinking 'k wait, let me get to know you better before we start doing this" and i hugged him again, said good bye and left. I later texted him saying "thanks again for a great night tonight it was a lot of fun, and sorry about what happened in the car i just wasn't expecting it" and I haven't received a response. What should i be thinking? Did i do something wrong?


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  • I don't think you did anything wrong. If you gave him the wrong impression earlier in the night (say if you flirted really hard, or made sexual jokes) that it can go further, maybe he just took the hints wrong or you might need to tone it down.
    The text was good though. If he can't accept the fact that you just don't want things to go so fast, then maybe he's not the right one for you.

    • There were no sexual jokes made or anything like that! and I'm worried he isn't going to respond anymore because he's embarrassed about what happened

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    • Girl chill he might be just busy or out of data or some shit lol
      Look up cat pictures you'll be fine
      And let him to reply at his own pace, if he doesn't want to then why bother, if he doesn't reply for a few more days text him again say that it's fine that he's not interested in you. Drop a hint that you are giving up if he doesn't act out.

    • its been almost 2 weeks since we hungout, i never ended up getting a response. i texted him 2 days later and told him i had lots of fun and i hope we keep talking/hanging out, he responded with 'we will' its been well over a week since he said that and he hasn't texted me, should i take this as a sign that he isn't into me?

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  • You didn't do anything wrong and shouldn't feel bad. He was coming on too strong so you apologized and thanked him for a good time anyways. If I was in his position I would see your text after as a sign you're still interested in seeing me.

    If he still likes you and legitimately wants to see you again he'll set something up and reply eventually. He might have also just tried to hook up with you and that's it

    • I am still interested in him!! and I'm worried he won't respond now because i said that! i think if he was trying to hook up with me he would've wanted to hangout at my house (Because i did offer for us to stay in but he insisted on getting coffee). he also leaves to go back to school tomorrow which is 4 hours away so i doubt ill be hearing from him any time soon...

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    • You can tell him you'd like to see him again or really enjoyed yourself after getting some dialogue going again

    • Its been almost 2 weeks since we hangout, he hasn't texted me... should i take this as a sign? or is he too shy to text me?

  • You probably shouldn't have mentioned it in the text. He's probably embarrassed. He obviously thought it was a date. I don't know how it all came to happen but he definitely thought it was. Did he pay for everything? You were in his car so. he picked you up you didn't meet him there, those are the signs he would. have taken

    • I only said that because i didn't want him to think i was being rude... Do you think he will respond to me or is will he be too embarrassed? I paid for my own coffee but he offered. He drove because i don't drive.

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    • i know aha sorry so i guess ill just wait and see what happens

    • That's all you can do pretty much

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  • Whenever you feel uncomfortable about something and you stop it. You should never apologize. So dont feel like you did something wrong.

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