How do I tell this guy I'm not interested?

So I'm on a dating website. 🙈 I've been talking to this guy. He's a nice guy. I just don't see it going anywhere. (he messaged me first) but, now I feel like I'm the one asking all the questions. He's giving me like one word responses. And really not asking anything about myself... we've maybe been talking for a week. And he's asked me twice to meet him. I told him the first day of us talking I wasn't ready to meet yet. Now he's sent me a message asking when I'll be ready. I'm so sick at my stomach. Because I don't want to meet him. I kept giving him chances because I know it's awkward being on a dating website. But, it's the same thing everyday. We talk about the same thing. So how can I nicely tell him I'm not interested... I feel so bad. 🙁😟

I want to tell him nicely... any suggestions.


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  • I would just say what you basically said: something along the lines of that he's a nice guy and you enjoy his conversation, but you don't really see this going anywhere romantically. Sometimes, a polite yet forward answer is best. Just be honest. You'll feel a load off your chest once you do!


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  • Maybe tell him you know what I dont want to waste your time. At the moment I am not ready for a relationship. So its better if we end things now.( I dont know something like that maybe)

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