Someone tells something you said to someone else?

So you are in the car and you see someone driving, say a fat woman eating an ice cream while driving.

You say in the car with the windows up" Dam look at this fat bitch eating her ice cream, she should lose some weight, how the f%&# did she get that fat"
or " Look at this crazy black guy, he looks like he is high on drugs and would kill someone"
or " Dam Asian drivers, they can't drive for shit and should go back to their own country and endanger their own people instead of our people".

Or some other comment that is offensive that you wouldn't say directly to their face.

then at the traffic lights your friend winds down the window and tells that person what you said, What would you do?

If you deny it your friend then shows a video of you saying it to the person.

  • Deny you said it
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  • Admit you said it and ask them what they are going to do about it
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  • Ask your friend what he is doing and ask him to drive off
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  • Keep quiet and say nothing
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  • other
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  • Well, I would never say something rude like that. But I believe if you are going to say something like that, then you need to own up to it.


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