If a guy cries does it mean he is falling in love?

Before meeting this guy I made it clear that I was not ready to fall in love. We met. We get along well. First date we had sex at his house. Second time we saw each other I met all his family and had diner with them. I didn't expect that at all...
I slept in his bed. Sex lasted for 3 hours and we talked until 4 am. The next morning we slowly woke up and cuddled. And then i realized there were tears falling down on his cheeks. I said hey you're crying? He said yes. Its just because I like it so much to be with you. You calm me down and I feel safe with you. My last relationship was so shitty and with you its so nice and not complicated. It troubled me that a guy could openly cry with an almost complete stranger and my heart kinda melt.
So guys and girls what do you think is he falling in love?


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  • Sounds like it.

  • He needs a reality check, he'll stick to you like fucking glue if you're not careful.


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