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Getting bored of him?

So We've been talking a lot over text because of parental issues and age we can't see each other much apart from friends group outings, so once a month or less.
We've also been dating (if this counts as) for a year now and everything is sweet and bubbly, EXCEPT sometimes I get this empty feeling and just feels like I'm bored with him, and I feel bad and guilty about it because he's really nice as a boyfriend and cares a lot. I've told him about it and he says it's okay but I don't know if it's a common thing and don't know what to do about it.
Friends who have been through a few relationships tell me that it's common for them and their girlfriends to take breaks. However because that we are different and it's a high-maintenance relationship, I don't think that would be such a good idea.
Am I supposed to act different? Should I tell him to maybe spice his personality up a bit? I don't know what to do but I think we genuinely love each other. He might love me more though and I'm slightly worried about that as well.
Getting bored of him?
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