I don't drink just a personal choice. However in today's society everyone n their mother drinks. Would that hinder my chances when it comes to dates?

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  • To some it may, but that's their loss, and you should take it the other way regardless like, do you have anything against other people drinking? Would you want a partner who drinks?

    Some people blindly believe, that fun can solely be had, while drunk
    which obviously isn't the case.. you just have to show them. ^.^


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  • For some women that would be a turn off. I like to drink so I'd be a little put off by a guy who doesn't.

  • I don't drink at all, and people "shun" me for it. It's pretty pathetic cause I'm not going to explain to them I have a medical condition. It's none of their business...
    If they're totally into you, I don't see why drinking or not drinking should be a problem. I don't mind if a guy doesn't drink, if he does? Cool too!
    Designated driver as long as you don't get too wasted.
    Hope this helped x

  • Good thing in my eyes


What Guys Said 3

  • I don't drink or some weed or cigarrettes or do any drugs or alcohol. I'd like a girl who doesn't too, there are a number who feel the same

  • I don't drink and it definitely has an impact, sometimes positive but usually negative.

  • In my experience as long as you're not a stiff about it and can still have fun without being condescending at a party, it is all good.

    Oh and, never make excuses for it. Nothing wrong with sticking to what you prefer. I'd imagine many will even find it attractive.

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