Do I ask her whats going on? Or just leave her alone?

So this girl I've been dating has gone distant and has started chatting less and less. I've known her for nearly 2 years now so its not like we hardly know each other. I know whats wrong but she says there's nothing I can do for her and she just needs a break from dating. Lately she's been ignoring my texts and not carrying conversation, I know im not harrasing her with texts as I dont bug her if she doesn't reply. But its becoming more and more common and I feel there's more going on then she's telling me, though she claims everything is fine. Should I send her a text asking whats on her mind? Or wait for her to start conversation with me and give her space?


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  • It depends on how often you text her i think... if you text her all the time just give her some space and ask her if everything is okay a few days later.. if you don't text her a lot definitely ask her whats on her mind but be careful to not get defensive and aggressive if she pursues to tell you! nothin is worse than a clingy boyfriend when you're having a rough day

    • Well we normally talk everyday, she normally likes to chat quite a lot so this is so unlike her. But yeah I don't want to bug her if she's not in the mood. I guess this is kinda a rough patch for us.

    • Okay then i would definitely ask her to hangout and then ask her whats on her mind

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