Why does he say he will invite me but never does? Help?

I have liked this guy for sometime. But whenever I mentio. I want to do this he will say I will invite you somewhere. And last time he was I want to invite you to my fav pizza place with some friends. And it never happens. Then last time we were at a party he came sat next to me we were talking. I said I really want out and eat Chinese food. He was saying How about next week we can go... when one of his friends interruped us and said hey we should all go tomorrow. He said ok we will text you. I was ok. Let me add this at the party he asked me to out dance and he was like lets dance one song. I was like no I am to tired cuz I saied this because don't know how to dance. so the invite happened cuz his friend made it happend. But why does he always claim he will invite. we do snapchat every other time its always something funny and short. what do you all think?


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  • commitment phobic. he thinks if he takes that step, it will become real

    • but I have never mention a date. We say like friends because I dont even know if he likes me. But I always see his pics on IG with other friends?

    • He's like someone I know, same situation, same scenario. Skittish. He doesn't tell me he will invite me. He just mentions activities lol. He never asks and even admitted to being anti-committment.