Do you believe in 'the one'?

We have so much in common. Same taste in music and films with a tiny difference but we share eachother new stuff. He's easy to talk to and is non -judgemental. We used to talk at least everyday and he would initiate the conversation. He's open-minded, free spirited, down to earth, supportive, funny, great smile, handsome. Everything I wanted in a guy. I suffer from social anxiety which it's hard making friends and talking to people. Me and him both have an interest in the movie industry, writer, director, producer.

We would always chat about films, music, anything without it being awkward and even when it's silent, it's no big deal, I feel comfortable around him. He's a great kisser and satisfies me sexually, it was always a blast hanging with him. I've never met anyone like him before in my life. He stopped talking to me which I don't know why. A while back, He told me he didn't want anything "serious" and wanted to go with the flow, see where things go.

Last time we hung out before he left off to vacation, I felt a connection. The way he would stare at me and wouldn't judge me at my silly moments and just smile. Dancing to awesome albums on YouTube. The way he would just stare at my naked body, analyzing me with curiosity, saying I'm beautiful. He's an Aquarius, I'm Libra


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  • I believe in the "one" in the sense that you'll eventually meet the person you want to spend the rest of your days with.

    But, since most of us only become close to about 300-1000 people in our lives (depending on your definition of close), the pool of people containing your "one" is rather limited.


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  • Nope.

    The One was a beautiful idea. But as I got older, I began to analyse it. I decided that love doesn't work that way, and we can't expect it to. The One is a flawed notion.

    There are approximately six billion people on the planet. About 2.5 billion of those are males. Then, there are hundreds of millions of men in a date-appropriate age range for me. There are millions who speak my language and who probably have my same values and desires from life. So I'm guessing there are at least a few I could get along with... and even feel some sparks.

    It's true for everyone. There has to be more than one man or woman with whom we'd be compatible. It all depends who you meet first, or at all, and if the time and circumstances are right.

    But if you believe in The One, there's a lost love that's even tougher to get over. If there's only one person on the planet that can complete each of us, how do we explain the woman madly in love who loses her husband? Or the man who has to bury his wife? Partners left behind see the years pass, battle through their grief and grapple to find a way to move forward with their lives. Some remarry and find a second great love. In this case, The One becomes The Two.

    The minute we start putting all our faith in The One is the minute we start believing relationships are infallible. And that, my friends, is a trap. Even the most powerful relationships can be damaged. The One is so idealized that it can cause us to gloss over a host of pitfalls in a relationship. If you think you've found the only person you could ever be with, why work at it? A lack of effort is dangerous. It means you won't work at commitment. It means you'll stop going the extra mile for romance. It means you might lose the love that made you believe in The One to begin with. And love is what holds everything together.


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  • Sure I believe in the one just not in the traditional sense most others do, best of luck to y'all.


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  • yeah i do believe in him. best of luck to u guys.