Why ma LDR ignore me so much?

She hurt me so much. As she treat me like a friend after she broke up with me. She stop messaging me it's only me that I message her every time that make her so annoyed about me as ma friend make her annoyed telling her about me. She told ma one of ma actual friend about to call police. As I stop messaging her n she have birthday on December 8 I wish her but she didn't message me. It's a overseas LDR... so why people start ignoring so much. N I can't forget what she did so bad with me. Treat me bad as a friend too she says me do what ever you want... as she give me 2 moth that we can make it better or not but she don't want anything from me... so why people ignore so much.


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  • She broke up with you. That's why she's ignoring you.

    • Why people do like this

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    • Okay thanks I want to give u MHO but I can't give because it take other options too

    • You have to wait 24 hours or until three people share opinions.

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