What would be a perfect first date?

First date for two people who are outgoing and love being spontaneous! Some first date ideas?


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  • Idea #1:

    - Buy some bagels, some m&ms, or whatever candy you like, some cream cheese and some drinks. Go to your local park and sit ontop of the monkeybars or something while having a picnic. Be sure to bring 2 blankets, 1 for putting underneath the food; one for you and him.

    Idea #2

    - Talk with your friends about a good "hot springs" location. Hot springs is basically a naturally heated swimming area.. Then buy some glow sticks and bring anything else (music etc) with you, drive there and crack the glow sticks, throw those in the water (it's night time)... Then after that start swimming. I recommend the aqua/blue glow sticks or the green ones- buy only 2 complimentary colors. Don't get pink and blue, etc... Buy like green and blue.

    Idea #3

    - Randomly at night, pick him up and travel to the closest gas station with a mini arcade (The point being that it's not meant to be an arcade, it's late at night, etc) And then find the machine that I call "the claw", it lets you play for prizes that you try to pick up with a mechanised "hand", if you will.. Then try to win him something. Get the prizes and wear them (usually looks like the cheap fake jewelry that costs .25 cents, lol) and go for a stroll out on the town (walk around town).

    In all of these examples, flirt with him. Laugh, let him tickle you, etc... This builds an attraction which is a really good thing considering your on the first date ^_^

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • I'm going to use local locations for reference because it's what I know.

    It would be an all day event hanging out at Pittsburgh's Waterfront Mall (basically an outdoor mall with an imax theater that's next door to a water park).

    We would meet up there at lunchtime and grab a quick bite to eat at like a fast food joint or one of the local cheaper restaurants like Eat-n-Park. After that we'd catch the early show of a movie at the theater. When the movie let out we would hang out going into the stores or heading over to Dave & Buster's (place with games, bowling, video games, pool tables, etc) until around dinner time. For dinner we would head over to one of the nicer restaurants in the Waterfront area like Olive Garden. After that depending on how old you guys are and what places you can and can't get into, you can either call it a night, head back over to Dave & Buster's, or (my personal favorite), catch a standup comedy show at the Improv Comedy club to close out the night.

    All of this in one day, all at the waterfront mall.


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